Walgreens and CVS limit number of at-home COVID tests that can be purchased

Walgreens and CVS has limited the number of at-home COVID test kits that can be purchased due to a surge in demand


At-Home COVID kits allows people to have a personalized COVID testing kit that can be used at the comfort of their home at a very low cost. After the approval of these kits, the demand for the same has increased to a new level. The CVS Health and Walgreens are two of the largest pharmaceutical giants in the United States and are, limiting the number of kits that a customer can buy due to the huge demand. The holiday season is here and so is the omicron variant scare, which is why the demand for the at-home COVID kits has spiked.

Due to the current situation, there have been reports of the shortages of these kits across the country. A statement was released by the CVS Health while confirming that the test kits would be temporarily out of stock at their stores. The company said that they are trying to bring a balance between the physical stores and digital stores and have added a limit to six kits per purchase. CVS has nearly 9,900 stores across the United States. Last month the company had announced that it would be shutting down nearly 10 percent of its stores in the next few years.

The statement from the company also said that they are committed to provide the families with peace of mind during the holiday season and that they would continue to offer lab based testing with the results available in 1-2 days. On the other hand Walgreens said that it has limited the in-store and online purchase to four per purchase due to the incredible demand.

Walgreens has requested its customers to remain patient as they continue to navigate through the pandemic environment. The company has just above 9,000 stores as of August, 2020. The Biden administration had on December 21, 2021 announced the purchase of half a billion home rapid test kits that would be made available by January, 2022.

Photo Credits: Pixabay