Unexpected foods that taste surprisingly better when kept in a refrigerator

Chefs have revealed about a few foods that surprisingly taste better when they are refrigerated


The refrigerator is used for food items which are left over and could be used for the next day. Majority of the food items become stale and their taste changes upon refrigeration. But not many are aware that there are also foods that actually taste better when they are refrigerated. Chefs have shared a list of foods that actually taste better when they are refrigerated.

1. Potato chips – Potato chips taste the best when they are crisp that need a dry environment. Many people live in a humid environment that can make the chips moist and less crispy. The refrigerator has a dry environment which makes it perfectly crisp but cold.

2. Peanut butter – Peanut butter is a staple for a number of people for breakfast. But when it is refrigerated, it can become a healthier version of ice-cream. People who have the habit of catching a mid-night snack can have peanut butter that is refrigerated. It is much healthier than an ice-cream.

3. Choco-chip cookies – You can place these near the top of the refrigerator where the fan is. It helps to keep the chocolate chunks melt slower in the mouth.

4. Canned Sardines and anchovies – Since they are canned, they do not need to be refrigerated but they taste a lot better when cold.

5. Girl scout cookies – These cookies contain think mints and samoas. Chikling the thin mints, make them extra crunchy and also enhances the mint flavor. Even with the peanut butter flavor, refrigeration makes it crispy.

6. White rice – Make sure that the rice is kept at the back-right corner which makes it taste better.

7. Mac and cheese – Mac and cheese when kept in the fridge taste much better and tastes like desert. This is also a comfort food for many and also the perfect night snack.

8. Pizza – Some people find a refrigerated pizza so comforting and satisfying as the cheese becomes chewy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay