6 Easy tips to have an organized pantry

A pantry in the kitchen is a space where you store food which should be organized in a way


A kitchen pantry is a very valuable space for those who actually work in the kitchen. The space is never enough and could be a thing of beauty or could also leave your restless when it is full and you don’t find any more space. Here are a few tips that you can follow while organizing your pantry space.

1. Get rid of expired products – One of the many reasons why you might not find extra space for your food, is the fact that you are not disposing off the expired food. On a regular basis, check the food product labels and dispose off things that have expired. If they are nearing expiry date, make sure that you consume them as soon as possible.

2. Consider moving items – If you still cannot find space even after disposing off expired food then you can consider moving things to another part of the kitchen. For instance, you can keep away the holiday things like cookie cutters or bakery accessories elsewhere and keep things like tea/coffee bags at place where you can easily access.

3. Categorize food – Another simple way to organize things in your kitchen is to group the items. You can keep the bakery stuff and ingredients at one place and stuff like oil and spices at one so you do not have to search in different compartments while cooking.

4. Use storage containers – If your food products are kept in paper/plastic bags, your storage will not be used efficiently. There will also be a risk of spilling. It is best to use storage containers and label them.

5. Use pull-out shelves – Pull-out shelves save a lot of space and do not cost much. If your pantry has deep shelves, you can use these pull-out shelves so that you can have more storage space.

6. Not prioritizing most used products – Place the most used products near your hands or at a place from where you can easily access.

Photo Credits: Pixabay