What is insomnia? Ways to deal with it without medication.

Insomnia can be frustrating and if necessary steps are not taken on time then it can affect your health


Insomnia is a condition where a person fids it tough to fall asleep and can affect adults, adolescents and even the elderly. While many people think that the problem of insomnia is related to mental health, the fact is that it can happen due to a number of issues. People usually tend to seek medical help and also end up taking prescribed medications for it. But not many are aware that there are also ways to deal with the problem without the need of medication. Here we will be discussing about a few ways that can help you to deal with it.

1. Exercise – Take some time to work out. Adolescents and adults have some amount of energy that has to be released from the body. It that is not released, then it remains in the body leaving you awake and restless. A good workout session of minimum of one hour will help you to release that energy and help you to have a sound sleep in the night.

2. Get some sunlight – Sunlight is a great source for Vitamin D which is essential for the body. The body depends on some light to determine what time it is. Natural sunlight helps to energize the hormones and works like a natural clock.

3. Manage stress – Stress cannot be avoided completely and is an inevitable part of your life. But you need to help yourself to deal with it. Such emotions can make you feel anxious and nervous that can in turn affect your efficiency. After a long day’s work, your body and mind needs some relaxation.

4. Avoid foods that can disturb your sleep – Certain food and beverages like coffee and tea should be avoided just before bedtime. Instead you can consume foods that induce sleep like cheese, low-fat-milk, salmon and cherries. One should also avoid spicy foods for dinner as it can disturb your sleep cycle.

Photo Credits: Pixabay