Unknown uses of a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is not just for deep cleaning, but can also be used for a number of other purposes


A vacuum cleaner is found in every household and is a basic tool that is usually only used for deep cleaning. People who own one, usually know about what it is capable of but not everyone is aware of its actual capabilities. Here we will be discussing about a few uses of a vacuum cleaner that not many knew about.

1. As a blower – A vacuum cleaner’s basic ability is to suck out the dust from the surface. But not many are aware that it also has a blower outlet and you just have to change the nozzle. There could be certain places where you might not be able to use the vacuum but a blower can help in a number of ways.

2. As a dryer – Yes, if you have a wet vacuum cleaner, then you can use it to suck out all the extra moisture and water from the floor. Make sure that you use the right attachments while sucking out moisture.

3. As a wet cleaner – You can wash and suck out extra water moisture while washing your expensive carpets. With the help of the wet attachments, your appliance can such out all the filth and water to help it dry out faster.

4. As a humidifier – A number of vacuum cleaners have special attachments for humidifying. You just have to pour water in the attachment and use it with the blower tunnel.

5. As an upholstery freshener – Your appliance can also be used as an upholstery freshener that can also be used to disinfect your clothes hanging in the wardrobe. A special attachment allows the users to add naphthalene balls and the blower tunnel in the appliance helps to refresh the upholstery and clothes.

Tip: Before you use different attachments of the appliance, make sure that you read the user instructions carefully. You need to make sure that you are using the attachments the right way.

Photo Credits: Pixabay