Pfizer expects its COVID vaccine to be effective against Omicron variant

Pfizer executive say that the research is on and they expect positive response from the study


The Omicron variant of the COVID-19 has left health experts and the general public worried across the globe. Just like the Delta variant, the actual behavior of the new variant remains a mystery and the experts continue keep a close eye on it. Many opined and doubted, if the new vaccines that are currently rolled out could be effective against the new variant. But pharma giant Pfizer has shown hopes that its vaccine for COVID-19 could be effective against the new Omicron variant.

One of the executives from the company has said that the data on how effective the vaccine is on the variant is expected to be out in two to three weeks. Ralf Rene Reinert the vice president of vaccines for international developed markets in an interview with a leading daily said that they do not expect to have a significant drop in the effectiveness but considers this as a speculation. Reinert added that they will have to check and the data will be out in the next few weeks.

Ever since the news about the omicron variant spread, pressure is building up on the companies and the public health officials to reassure about the vaccines despite the fact as the scientists rush to answer about the questions on the severity of the new variant. The public and the health experts continue to observe the new variant. On the other hand Pfizer has already started to work on the new versions of the vaccine due to the emergence of the Beta and Delta variant. It was concluded that both the times, the original shot had provided a good protection.

Now it is for the scientists to evaluate that if it is also the case with Omicron. Reinert added that this does not mean that they are starting from scratch but know what they are doing. He also stressed that in the meantime, they need to continue with the booster program.

Photo Credits: Pixabay