7 Unique ways to keep your house warm during winter season

Apart from traditional ways, here we will be discussing about a few unconventional ways to warm up your house during the winter season


The winter is here and it is time when the temperature can drop really low making your house cold and dry. There are a few simple and small tricks that make a difference while making your house warm and cozy. Here are a few unexpected ways you can make your house warm and well insulated.

1. Have a check on your radiators – Check on your radiators if they are blocking the heat from getting into the room. Move heavy objects away from the appliance to help it heat up the room faster.

2. Make use of rugs – Rugs can be great accessories for the room. It not just makes the room look great but also makes you feel warm and cozy from the cold tiles and hardwood flooring.

3. Use a fireplace plug – If you have a fireplace at home and hardly use it, then during winters, you can use a fireplace plug that comes in different sizes. Warm air an leak through the flue and a plug will help to lock in the warm air.

4. Allow some sunlight in – During the day time, allow some sunlight through the windows and doors. It helps to emit any dampness and the rays also keep the room warm even during the coldest days.

5. Leave the oven door open – If you have just finished baking and have switched it off, then you can leave the door of the oven open. The heat from the appliance helps to warm up. But just be careful if you have children or pets at home.

6. Seal mini drafts – Places like mail slots and doggy doors can allow a lot of cold air to enter the house. As far as possible keep these openings closed when the temperature really drops.

7. Boil a pot of water – Winter season can increase the dryness in the air. Boiling a pot of water helps to keep the atmosphere warm and moist.

Photo Credits: Pixabay