7 Ways to use the hair dryer correctly

A hair dryer is a basic hair accessory but should be used sensibly

hair dryer

A hair dryer is a very common appliance found in almost every household. While it does not have many functions than drying hair and styling, but one has to make sure to use this appliance in the right way and sensibly. Here we will be sharing a few tips to use a hair dryer at home in the right way.

1. Use dryer with hot and cold options – Make sure that you are using a hair dryer that has cold and hot options. If you are using the appliance just to dry your hair, then make sure that you use the cold option as heat damages the hair and makes it brittle and frizzy. You can use the hot option occasionally to style or straighten hair.

2. Do not blow-dry on dripping hair – Hair dryers should be used on partially dried hair preferably with a cotton t-shirt. The appliance should not be used on hair that is dripping wet. It will only lead to damaged hair.

3. Use a conditioner and a serum – Do not apply a blow dryer directly to the hair. Make sure that you apply a conditioner and a good quality hair serum before you go for heat styling. While blow drying, the hair loses moisture so it the hair products help to retain some of the moisture.

4. Use high heat settings only on thick hair – People with fine and thin hair do not have to use high heat settings. High heat should only be used by people with thick hair.

5. Do not apply heat to the scalp – While applying dryer near the scalp make sure that you use the cold settings.

6. Pull hair up vertically for volume – If you want to add volume to the hair, make sure that you pull your hair vertically up while blow drying.

7. Use the cold setting properly – After heat styling your hair, make sure that you use the cold setting to seal the setting after heat styling.

Photo Credits: Pixabay