Effective ways to deal with anxiety problems

Anxiety has become a common problem but a few effective ways can help to deal with it


At some point of time certain people can suffer from issues like racing heart, negative thoughts, cold and shivering hands and exhaustion. Majority of times such problems are temporary and can be solved with the help of a cup of coffee or with the help of a few OTC (over the counter) medications. But when such symptoms become frequent then there are chances that the person could be suffering from anxiety. The current pandemic situation might see such issues become common in people. But thankfully there are a few ways you can deal with the problem of anxiety.

1. Practice deep breathing – A sudden anxiety attack can make you anxious and scared. If you are not able to decide as to what to do next, you can just start deep breathing. Deep breathing immediately helps in relief from the symptoms. If the symptoms of anxiousness remain frequent, then you can practice deep breathing at least once a day.

2. Limit caffeine intake – A number of experts have suggested that excessive intake of caffeine can induce anxiety. People who love their cup of tea/coffee might be disappointed. For people who suffer from anxiety, it is recommended that they include fresh fruit juices in their everyday diet.

3. Increase your physical activity – A sedentary lifestyle can make things worse. Even if you are not in to fitness, make sure that you make it a habit to workout at least once in a day. If you are not interested in hard core workout, you can also just go for casual walks outdoors.

4. Talk with friends – Make it a habit to share about your thoughts with close friends or family members. There are a number of things that you would feel like sharing.

5. Practice meditation – Meditation works like a medicine. If you do not have a habit of it, then you can begin by just ten minutes and gradually increase the timing to 30 minutes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay