Intensive Care Unit with people who optionally remain unvaccinated against COVID

People who are admitted with COVID in the Intensive Care Unit are those who are unvaccinated


COVID-19 started off as an unknown disease, but now has become a disease of the unvaccinated. While the world is dealing with the pandemic by getting vaccinated, there are still people who continue to refrain from getting their shots due to a number of reasons including religious ones. The early stage saw a few cases that were severe, but when the virus started to mutate it started to infect people with the strongest immunity.

The initial days saw the older people getting trapped by the virus but then even the younger people started to get the severe form of it. One of the common things among the people who are getting severely ill with COVID-19 is the fact that they are unvaccinated. These people are unvaccinated and were earlier leading a healthy lifestyle. However, it has to be clarified that there are people who are getting vaccinated and are still getting sick, but they are the elderly, frail or have underlying issues. People who are undergoing chemotherapy for blood cancer are especially vulnerable.

But the story of the Intensive Care Unit is different. Here there are a very few people who are vaccinated or are having underlying health issues. Majority of the people in the ICU are those who are unvaccinated. People who are vaccinated are already at homes leading a normal life. When people get vaccinated the hospitals would be under much less pressure. In recent times a new medication has been rolled out for the patients who do not have anti-bodies against COVID. But the treatment is expensive as well as time consuming.

People who are not having any anti-bodies are the ones who are unvaccinated. This means that the resources that people are devoting to COVID in hospital are now being spent on the people who are unvaccinated. The frustration is worse among people who are actually treating people who are unvaccinated.

Photo Credits: Pixabay