3 Toys not to bring for your child

There are certain toys that parents can refrain from bringing for their child

baby toys

People who are expecting a baby have sky high emotions and would immediately get in to the nesting syndrome. This is the time when you might want to be prepared and get all that the baby would need and would like to play with. Toys are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about buying something for your baby. While the market has a number of options to select from, there are certain things that you need to refrain from. Here we will be discussing about a few toys that you need to avoid buying for your child.

1. Loud rattlers – A rattler is the first toy of a baby and many parents often have this to soothe a crying baby. While the baby could stop crying because of the toy, but it is usually because of the colors that distract them. Rattlers can be noisy and can irritate the child. So skipping this particular toy or opting for a less noisy rattler can be wise.

2. Noisy toys – There are a number of toys in the market and many of them are irritatingly noisy. Once the baby starts playing on the floor some of the toys like singing dolls, noisy and flashy cars are given to them. Research has said that the noise emitting by such toys can emit up to 90 decibels which can damage the ears. Babies tend to put the toy on their ears, so think twice before you bring in a noisy toy at home for your bundle.

3. Toys that have sharp edges – When you are toy shopping for your child, make sure that they are of good quality. Check for sharp edges, especially the fingertips of the dolls, sharp corners of the building blocks and more. Babies have a sensitive skin and they tend to put such toys in their mouth. Sharp edges can injure your baby while they are sucking them or could also lead to a choking hazard.

Photo Credits: Pixabay