5 Foods not to be consumed by people with stiff joints

Stiff joints can trigger during the winter season, but avoiding a few foods can help to a certain extent

stiff joints

The winter season is here and apart from the cold and flu problems, this is also a tough time for people who are prone to bone health related issues. But the problem isn’t very problematic and can be averted by avoiding certain foods. Stiff joints are very common problem reported by a number of people during the winter season. Although massage and ample physical activity can help to solve the problem, but avoiding certain foods can also help.

1. Sugar – Winter is a time when your hunger pangs might become more prominent. Some of the bakery foods like bread, sweets, cola, and other foods items that contain artificial sweeteners should be avoided. A spike in the blood glucose levels can worsen the conditions like arthritis and that could also lead to joint pain and tissue inflammation.

2. Red Meat – Mutton, lamb, goat eat and others contain high levels of saturated fats and omega3-ftty acids which are directly related to inflammation in the body and can trigger the problem of joint pain or joint stiffness.

3. Salt – When a person reduces the intake of salt, it also reduces the loss of calcium in the body. This helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and also reduces the risk of fracture. Salt also contributes towards fluid retention that increases swelling of the tissues that can lead to joint pain. Although salt is a basic ingredient for any food, but one has to just reduce the amount of salt that is consumed on an everyday basis.

4. Gluten – Gluten can be found in barley, wheat and rye and a number of people suffer from gluten allergy. This can lead to an inflammation in the bodies. Such people will have to avoid foods that contain gluten.

5. Alcohol – an increase in alcohol intake can also increase the risk of spinal structural damage. It is also associated with an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

Photo Credits: Pixabay