5 Easy tips to improve immunity this winter season

Winter season is a time when your body needs to be prepared for the rough weather with good body immunity


The winter season is here and this is the time when your body immunity might go down. But a few simple changes in lifestyle as per the weather can help you to sustain the weather and bring up your immunity levels. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep up your body immunity.

1. Indulge in early morning workout – It can be a difficult task to wake up on a chilly winter morning. But make sure that you push yourself and workout for at least an hour that includes some cardio and weight exercises. Working out will help to keep you energetic the entire day.

2. Consume seasonal fruits – Some people tend to keep away from seasonal fruits due to the fear of catching cold. But that does not work in that way. Seasonal fruits are the best source for the essential nutrients and are good for strengthening the immune system. It is essential to add at least one seasonal fruit on an everyday basis.

3. Consume leafy green vegetables – This is also a time when green leafy vegetables would be available in abundance in many regions. Make sure that you pick up the best of the opportunity and make your favourite meals from green and leafy vegetables. You can also add them to your salads.

4. Consume turmeric milk – A warm glass of turmeric milk or golden milk just before you hit the bed is a great way to finish the day. Turmeric has healing properties and prevents any kind of inflammation. It also improves the body immunity.

5. Consume winter special foods – Winter is a time when you can find certain foods that are good to be consumed during the winter season. There were certain foods like dried nuts and curries made from green and leady vegetables. A warm cup of soup as an appetizer can be a great way to begin your meal.

Photo Credits: Pixabay