5 Foods that improve gut health

There are certain foods that are gentle and good for the gut health

gut health

The temperature is slowly dropping and it is time when you will feel like indulging in some comfort food straight from the oven. But you might not realize that it does tests the limits of your gut. While there are foods that can challenge your gut limits, there are also foods that are completely guilt-free and nourish your digestive system. Here are a few foods which are great for the gut health.

1. Flax Seeds – The warmth of flax seeds comfort the gut. They have high fibre content. It is also known as the pre-biotic and probiotic food that get broken down in the body while releasing good bacteria to the microbiome of the gut. These are not just tempting but also make you feel full.

2. Oats – Oats have been an all-time favourite for the ones who are keeping a watch on their weight. They are not just delicious but are gentle on your gut and slows down the digestion system and helps you to remain full for a longer time. A good bowl of oats can keep you full for hours.

3. Walnuts – it is also called as a super food for the number of nutrients that it has. Not many are aware that it also promotes proliferation of good gut bacteria that boosts health and reduces the risk of heart diseases. You can replace your snack with a few walnuts.

4. Prunes – Prunes are great to be consumed during the winter season. They are rich in fibre and help to regulate the bowel movements. It contains soluble fibre that help to soak up nutrients from foods.

5. Raisins – Raisins and curd can be a great combination for your gut health. The prebiotics from the curd and soluble fibre content in raisins prove to be great for the gut and also improves flora. It also helps to grow good bacteria.

Photo Credits: Pixabay