United States prepares for surge of passengers after lifting of travel restrictions

The passengers are warned to expect long lines as the travel restrictions are eased by the United States

travel restrictions

After nearly two years of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States is now all set to welcome international visitors as they cross the borders by air and by land on November 8, 2021. It has lifted the travel restrictions for majority of the world’s population. The restrictions were imposed in early 2020 to prevent any further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Talking about travel, the United States is expecting nearly 50 percent more international inbound passengers on November 8, 2021.

Ed Bastian, the Chief Executive at Delta Airlines has warned that the travelers should be prepared for the long lines in the initial days. Bastian added that people can expect things to be sloppy at first as there are going to be long lines but things would get sorted soon. Kevin Munoz, the spokesperson from White House said that they are expecting a high demand in travel in air and land and as more people are expected to travel, they are ready to take a few critical steps to provide any additional resources.

A number of discussions have been done between the Biden Administration and the U.S. Airlines that would help to prepare the influx of additional travellers. Travellers across Mexico and Canada have been warned about the long waits starting from Monday. The U.S. Airlines is increasing the flights to Europe and other destinations where the travel demand is high and was impacted by the restrictions. A number of international flights are expected to operate close to full or full capacity on Monday with high passenger volume.

As per the new rules, the foreign nationals should be vaccinated before flying to the United States and they will have to show an official source that would show their vaccination status. Travellers who are not vaccinated will have to produce a negative viral test that is done three days prior to travel to the United States.

Photo Credits: Pixabay