Unknown benefits of showering with cold water

Cold water shower has a number of benefits contrary to those who opine that hot water shower is good for health

cold water

A number of people have the habit of taking a shower with hot water, but a few people prefer to have a cold water shower. Not many are aware that athletes prefer to have cold water showers. Here we will be discussing about a few benefits of taking cold water showers.

1. Gives a glowing skin and hair – Hot water bath makes the skin dry and flaky. But taking a cold water shower tightens the pores of the skin and also helps to hold the hair firm in place.

2. Helps to improve blood circulation – While a number of people opine that hot water bath improves the blood circulation, even cold bath helps the cells to travel faster and helps to bring back the balance of the body temperature. Cold water also increases the heart rate and increases the oxygen intake.

3. Detoxifies the body – Cold water tends to detoxify the body. A cold shower early in the morning helps the body to remove all the toxins, excessive oils and dirt. Not many are aware that it also helps to kill the viruses that can later lad to infections.

4. Helps to reduce stress – Having a cold shower helps to reduce the stress levels and acts like a stress-buster. It gives instant energy and alleviates mood and also helps to get rid of signs of anxiety. People who tend to be lazy can benefit from cold water showers. If you feel stress a cold water bath can do the magic and give instant freshness.

5. Gives a good sleep – People who are facing a sleep disorder can try out cold showers. It is also recommended by doctors who says that it helps the body to relax and remain calm.

6. Weight loss – Now this could come as a surprise for many but Cold bath also has the ability to burn calories. It increases the energy levels that encourages to remain active and it can lead to a weight loss.

Photo Credits: Pixabay