6 Unnecessary car repairs that you can avoid

There are a number of unnecessary car repairs that are actually not necessary

car repairs

When you own a car, it is also important to make sure that you spend on its maintenance as well. The car also needs repairs on a regular basis, but one has to understand that some of the repair work is more urgent than others. Here is a list of car repairs that you might be wasting money on.

1. Air filter replacement – One of the most important one is the glove compartment that improves the air quality inside the car. Majority of the service manuals recommend that they should be changed once in a year and the repair shop could charge you a lot for a replacement. The best way is to replace it yourself after buying a new filter.

2. Windshield replacement – A flying rock could chip the windshield and you might be tempted to replace it entirely. But if the chip is small then it can be handled by just repairs and could save you $200 to $300 for a replacement.

3. Engine tune-ups – If your car is a recent model from the last ten to twenty years then it does not need a regular tune-up. The modern cars has in-built computers that make the adjustments and optimize the engine performance.

4. Oil replacement – In a modern car, the chassis including the ball joint always remains lubricated and in a sealed system. Just the heavy vehicles like the pick-up vehicles could require an occasional lubrication. The owner’s manual usually has the information as to when it would need an oil replacement job.

5. Engine oil change – Contrary to the service station workers, the car does not need a frequent oil replacement. Majority of the owner’s manual mentions that a car needs an oil change only every 5,000 miles and not at 3,000.

6. It is OK to replace a single tire – contrast to what the salesperson at the tire-store mentions, it is OK to replace a single tire as well and not the entire pair. If the remaining tires are in good condition and are not worn, then it is OK to replace a single one as well

Photo Credits: Pixabay