Tips to maintain your friendships when you are living apart

Friendships should be valued as the comfort that you find here cannot be found anywhere else


The pandemic saw a number of people being distanced. While it is important to maintain your relationships with your partners, spouse and family, it is also important to take care of your friendships. Many people have to go totally out of their way to be there for a dear friend. If you think that you are struggling to maintain your friendships, here are a few tips that can help you to remain in touch with them.

1. Send memes – Memes are typically a piece of text, video or an image that is usually humorous in nature and sharing them with friends gives an opportunity to have a laugh together not matter how far you are from each other.

2. Respond to their stories – When a friend of yours posts a story on social media, make sure that you give a reply to it. It can just be a phrase or an emoji, but it will be an effective way to let them know that they were noticed and are remembered by you.

3. Make it a habit to call – You can make it a habit of catching up on a group video call during the weekend at least once in a month if not in a week. Share about what is going on in your life with each other.

4. Make a WhatsApp group – If you do not want to bring together the entire batch from college, then you can just pick up your core group with whom you were close with. The group will be a place to share about what is happening in your life. If people share something they were worried about then you can help them with a solution or at least an emotional support.

Besides, even if you are not able to catch up with your friends, you are always understood and considered as best. But always make sure that you keep your friends close as they are the ones who would be there for you during tough times.

Photo Credits: Pixabay