5 Things not to keep on top of the refrigerator

The top of the refrigerator can tend to get heated up which makes it not an ideal place to keep certain things


While we have already discussed about the food items that can be stored in the refrigerator, there are also people who have the habit if keeping things on the top of the appliance. Some people opine that it is a waste of space and should be utilized. In a number of households you can see boxes or small storage containers. But not many are aware that usage of this space can come with a few risks. Here are some of the things that you should completely refrain from keeping on the top of the refrigerator.

1. Cereal Boxes – People who do not have a cabinet space in their kitchens, have this convenient space above the fridge. Keeping cereal boxes on the appliance can block the ventilation and can also expose the food item to pests.

2. Small appliances – An average refrigerator has the ability to support up to 40 pounds on top of it. People who do not have enough storage space, prefer to keep the small appliances on the top of the fridge. But little do they realize that such appliances could be heavy and breakable. Keeping such things on the top can even cause injuries if they are placed improperly and fall.

3. Medications – The medicines come with an instruction that they need to be stored in a cool and dry place. The place at the top of the refrigerator can tend to heat up and reach different temperatures. This can affect the potency of the medications.

4. Paper in any form – Things like books, newspaper and magazines tend to be stored above the refrigerator that blocks the air flow and ventilation. Blocked ventilation can make the appliance draw more electricity while making your bills go up.

5. Bread and other baked items – Things like break and other baked items need to be kept in a clean, cool and dry place. The place above the refrigerator can make it an environment for mold to grow.

Photo Credits: Pixabay