5 Tricks that the restaurant owners use with their menu cards

The menu cards of the restaurants are carefully curated with a few tricks that attracts the attention of the customers

menu card

Have you ever imagined what influences your choice of foods when you enter at a restaurant? The fact is that every sector has their own untold list of trade tricks that are used to help the business flourish. At a restaurant, when you order food, you use the menu which is an important aspect of a restaurant business. Here are some of the tricks that are used by the restaurants while curating the menu cards that helps to influence your decisions.

1. The weight of the menu card – This might sound surprising, but when the customer holds the menu in their hands, the heavier ones gives a better impression while making them believe that it is a high end restaurant and has high standards. While the lighter ones leaves an impression of a casual/economy place.

2. Names of the dishes – You might have often noticed about the creative names that have been given to the simplest dishes that makes people more interested over other foods. For instance, the menu could have the name ‘Grandma’s Home-baked chocolate cookies’ instead of just ‘Chocolate cookies’.

3. Font – Even the font used on the menu card can influence the choice of the customers. People who read the menu with italicized fonts could have an impression that it would provide a top-scale service. On the other hand simple and easy-to-read fonts would leave an impression of being cheap.

4. Colors – Blue and red are the popular colors that are used by the restaurants. They help trigger the appetite of the customers. The big letters would mean the main items on the menu. The colors grab the attention of the customers.

5. Pictures of the food – When the menu has the pictures of the actual dish, it makes the customers order those items more when compared to the other items on the menu that do not have a picture. But too many pictures could leave an impression that the place is a low-end eatery.

Photo Credits: Pixabay