5 Forgotten manners parents need to teach their children

There are some of the forgotten manners parents had learnt when they were young but needs to pass on to their children as well


Teaching your children ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ are the basics and all parents of children make sure that their children use these terms on an everyday basis. Talking about teaching some of the basic manners in children, it is the parents who set examples. Apart from the basics, here are some of the forgotten manners that parents need to teach their children.

1. Saying thank you to service workers – While your children might have learnt to say ‘thank you’ when they are treated or are gifted, they are also supposed to learn to say thank you to the service workers. For instance, to the waiters at the restaurants upon service, house help, random people who help you with small things and others.

2. Giving up their seat – While these habits are often seen in adults, children need to learn from their childhood that they need to give priority to the elders and pregnant women for usage of common space. It can be on a crowded bus, an event or any other public place. Their efforts to give up their seats for the elders/pregnant would be appreciated.

3. Waiting to eat till everyone is served/seated – Children need to be taught that when they are dining at home or at the restaurant, it is good manners to wait for everyone to be served or seated. A number of people are under the impression that children should be allowed to eat right away.

4. Taking turns to talk – Kids can be big interrupters and they do this unintentionally. It is normal for them to catch other’s attention. You can teach your child to tap your arm and then wait patiently before their issues are addressed. However, this goes the other way as well.

5. Covering their cough and sneeze – This habit is now more relevant than before. You need to teach your children to cover their sneeze/cough with their inner part of the elbow/a tissue/handkerchief whether at home or at a public place.

Photo Credits: Pixabay