6 Habits that are making your hair greasy

There are some of the common habits which are making your hair greasy


Like your skin, even your hair is prone to become greasy or oily. Your type can change as per the weather. Women who have fine hair, can be prone to have oily hair and during summers it can tend to become greasier. Apart from the natural conditions that you cannot control, there are also a few habits that are also making your hair oily. Here are a few habits that you need to avoid.

1. Playing with your hair – Many women tend to have this habit and cannot resist to run your fingers through it. Our hands tend to touch a number of surfaced including your face which can be oily. So running your oily fingers through the hair can leave traces of oil on the hair. It is wise to avoid touching your hair. If it feels messy, you can just tie it in to a bun or a pony tail to keep it away from your face.

2. Brushing hair more than twice a day – Combs and brushes also have traces of oil and using it more than twice a day can make it feel greasy. Your scalp can produce excess amount of sebum, even if you have shampooed and conditioned it a day before.

3. Applying conditioner to the roots – The hair conditioner has to be applied only to the hair length. It helps to add weight and body to the hair and if they are applied to the roots then your scalp can become oily and itchy.

4. Over-washing hair – Over-washing hair can irritate the scalp and can lead to more oil secretion. After the hair has washed off the natural oil, it starts producing excessive oils to make it greasy.

5. Not eating healthy – The hair also needs essential nutrients that can come from your diet. Consumption of an unhealthy diet can show on your hair and make it greasy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay