6 Common traffic rules people tend to break

Some of the common traffic rules are often broken by some of the experienced drivers

traffic rules

Some of the experienced drivers also tend to make mistakes. Operating a vehicle needs skill and practice and the traffic rules can sometimes be confusing for the drivers to follow. Here are some of the traffic rules that many people tend to forget.

1. Speeding – There are a number of people who might have many years of experience in driving, but there are certain areas where speeding is prohibited and at times even going 5 miles per hour over the limit is against the law. Different countries and regions have different speed limits.

2. Not stopping at signs – When a sign or signal says stop/red then you have to stop. It could be tempting for people to slow down and drift but you could be issued with a ticket even if you cross the yellow line which is before the zebra crossing. A number of people have met with fatal accidents due to such incidences.

3. Not wearing seat belts – Majority of the countries fine people for not wearing seat belts. But research has said that people who wear seat belts are saved when they go through a fatal crash. The seat belts are designed for the safety of the drivers and passengers and should be worn.

4. Texting while driving – Many people have lost the lives of their loved ones just because a driver was texting while driving and ended up crashing the vehicle in to another vehicle. If it is urgent, you can always park the vehicle by the side of the road.

5. Not leaving way for emergency vehicles – Emergency vehicles should be given preference. Whenever you are followed by one, then you have to take care to leave way for the vehicle to pass by.

6. Not using turn signals – Turn signals/ indicators are for the safety of other people so they know you are about to make a turn. Not using them will leave other people confused and could also lead to accidents.

Photo Credits: Pixabay