7 Cooking mistakes that can ruin your meal

There are a number of common cooking habits that could actually ruin your meals

cooking mistakes

There are a number of habits of people in the kitchen that might not be the right way. Here we will be discussing about a few cooking habits of people that might not be a good idea.

1. Adding oil to the water while cooking pasta – There are a number of people who add oil to the water while boiling pasta that prevents it from sticking together. But this process actually makes the pasta hard and also becomes hard for the sauce to stick to the pasta.

2. Straining and rinsing pasta – When you are straining the pasta, do not discard the water in which it was boiled. It can be added later to the pasta with the sauce that helps to bring out a better flavor. Rinsing the pasta makes it tough for the sauce to stick to it.

3. Not allowing the meat too thaw – When the meat is brought out of the freezer, it is important to bring it to room temperature before it is cooked. Force cooking cold meat will make it cook unevenly. The inside portion of it will remain undercooked and the outside portion could be burned.

4. Stirring rice – While cooking rice, you are not supposed to stir it. Stirring it will activate the starch and make the rice mushy.

5. Sauteing green vegetables when wet – After the greens are washed, make sure that they are dried properly before they are tossed in the pan or it could become very soggy and lose its flavor.

6. Over stuffing a pan – If you have more food to cook, then it is advised to have a larger pan than the quantity. Using a smaller pan and stuffing it with more food will leave it cooked unevenly.

7. Not pre-heating the pan – Before cooking any food on a pan, make sure that you pre-heat the pan before you fry anything. The meat or fish will not be fried properly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay