At-home COVID-19 test kits by Ellume recalled

Ellume At-home COVID-19 test kits have been recalled after getting false positive results in a large number


The coronavirus originated from Wuhan in China and from there it managed to spread to different parts of the world and became a pandemic. Since the virus was new, the beginning of time saw no designated treatments, medicines or vaccines. Nearly two years in to the pandemic, there are designated treatments, vaccines and also test kits that can be performed at home. However, thousands of at-home coronavirus test kits by Ellume have been recalled by the company. The recall was announced after a high volume of false positives was shown by the test results.

The Australia based company has said that it has isolated the cause and has confirmed that the results of false positives are coming from limited specific lots. Nearly forty three lots of the company’s test kits have been recalled. These tests were sent to the retailers. The Food and Drug Administration also known as the FDA had authorized Ellume as the first company to sell COVID-19 test kits at the stores like Target, Walmart and CVS. The test kits are similar to the RTPCR test kits that come with swabs to be taken from the nose and throat. The results were provided almost immediately and did not require any prescription.

Sean Parsons, the CEO of Ellume apologized for any inconvenience cause for any stress or difficulties that was caused due to the inaccurate test results. Parsons also assured that they have learnt from the experience and have already implemented the additional controls. The CEO also said that they would continue to work on resolving the problem that has led to the recall and would make every attempt to regain their trust.

The company has also provided a feature for the customers to test if their test was defective by entering the number that is mentioned on the carton on their website. The consumers of the product will also be intimated if there was a possible inaccuracy on the app of the test. Within two weeks, the customers will receive an email from the company if they have received a false positive result.

Photo Credits: Pixabay