6 Tips to deal with Monday blues

Monday is a day of the week, that could be boring but a few tips can help to deal with


After a refreshing and a relaxing weekend, the week begins with a Monday that often falls hard on people who have a great time during the weekends. Mondays can be boring and heavy and a number of people often feel less energetic as they begin the journey of a long week ahead. Here we will be discussing about a few tips that will help you to make your Monday less of a task and a little more enthusiastic and productive.

1. Exercise – Begin your day with some exercise. Working out help to release the feel good hormones and will help you to deal with the beginning of the week. You will feel more active and will also make you productive at work.

2. Take breaks – yes taking small breaks are harmless and would help you to get back to work with more energy and enthusiasm. This might sound off, but taking frequent breaks actually increases your productivity. This will also help you to avoid a burnout.

3. Begin easy – Give yourself an easy beginning. You can start off by doing the easy tasks of the day and then move towards those which are difficult and are more time consuming. This will help you to move your work faster and would also help to achieve your everyday goals.

4. Set small and realistic deadlines – Setting small and realistic deadlines will push you towards finishing the day on a good note. Moreover, who does not like to end the day early without any burden.

5. Give yourself a small treat – At the end of the day you can treat yourself with something that you like. It could be a pizza or some hot chocolate.

6. Take breaks to meditate – Yes you can take a few breaks to meditate for just 5 minutes. It helps to refresh your mind and gives you more energy to work.

Photo Credits: Pixabay