5 Tips while preparing for a virtual interview

Virtual interview has to be taken seriously just like the way you are going for an in-person interview

virtual interview

The coronavirus pandemic is a phase that has left a number of employees of the companies working from home. The number of cases has reduced, but still a number of companies refrain from encouraging the employees inside the offices. Apart from allowing people to work from home, people are also conducting the interviews virtually. Video interviews have become common and a number of people these days are preparing for the same. If you are one of those who need to prepare for a virtual interview, here are a few crucial things that you need to keep in mind.

1. Select a neutral background – Before you begin your interview, make sure that you select a background that is neutral and does not distract the recruiters. The attention of the recruiters should be on you and not on the things at the background.

2. Dress up appropriately – While you are at home, you could prefer to remain in your PJs, but make sure that you dress up appropriately for the interview. Dress up just like you are about to walk in to a corporate office for an in-person interview.

3. Ensure a proper environment – While you are at home, you could not be alone and could have pets or children around. Make sure that you isolate yourself in another room for the interview. Keep the doors closed so you will not be disturbed by any of the external factors.

4. Ensure proper lights – Make sure that your environment has proper lights and no shadows are falling on the face. If there is no proper lighting, your face would appear dark to the recruiters. You could also prefer natural lighting.

5. Attend nature’s call before the interview – You do not want to be disturbed by nature so make sure that you attend the nature’s call before you are ready for the interview. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or distracted when you are having a conversation with the recruiters.

Photo Credits: Pixabay