5 Amazing tips to click the perfect selfie

Taking a selfie is not rocket science but a few tips will help to become a pro

selfie tricks

A number of times you might have found yourself in a place as to how your friend could look amazing in a particular picture that is posted on social media. The fact is that it is all about the proper tricks that can be adopted to take the perfect selfie. Taking a picture is also an art and you need to know about a few basics. Here we will be discussing about a few tricks that you could adopt to take that perfect selfie that you can post on social media.

1. Its all about the lights – This is the basic that you need to consider. For that perfect and glowing selfie, you need to make sure that there is ample lighting around. To get the best results you can depend on natural lights as it is best for people who have dark circles and also helps to hide the fine lines.

2. Practice – Before you finalize the perfect picture, make sure you can practice. You can take selfies on an everyday basis as it will allow you to see what angle suits you the best. Try different angles by tilting your head or lifting the chin.

3. Expressions – You know about your best expression and it is wise to trust your instincts. Just make sure that you keep your smile real and not fake or it will show. Make sure that you remain natural or you could end up looking conscious.

4. The background – This is another factor majority of the selfie clickers tend to ignore. If you are indoors, make sure that you clean up the room and then take your selfies. If you are somewhere outside, make sure that you select a background which is clean and pleasant.

5. Avoid extreme filters – Filters are great to a certain extent, but make sure that you don’t over use them. They can be used to hide a few things like a pimple or a red eye. Using them to a different extent would make it look unnatural.

Photo Credits: Pixabay