Basic manners parents need to teach their children before kindergarten

Some of the basic manners need to be instilled in children by the parents before they enter kindergarten


Be it the pandemic or the pre-pandemic, parenting has always been challenging and a topic of discussion. Different people have different opinions on the topic but the basics remain the same. The first year of the school for your kids is always tough for them as well as the parents. A child’s mind is like a blank canvas that allows the parents and elders to paint their thoughts and teachings in them. There are a few basic manners that the parents need to teach the child when they are in kindergarten.

1. Thank you and please – These are the words that they need to practice and say on an everyday basis. Such words not just make them polite but also help to make them patient. These are essential manners that you need to introduce to your child.

2. Request mode – Just like they need to get used to the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, they also need to learn the request mode. Moreover, it is also important for the child to know when to reach for something or when they should ask for something.

3. Respect other’s opinions – It is understood that the elders have the right opinion. This is a common problem that many of the kindergartners face. They need to be told that it is OK to be right sometimes and also ok to be wrong other times. Kids need to learn that it is important to give importance to other’s opinion as well.

4. Cleaning up – Children have the tendency to spread things, especially their toys. As parents, they need to instill a habit in them that will make them clean up their mess after they have finished playing. This will instill a good habit of cleanliness and will also keep them engaged.

5. Sharing – Sharing is another basic habit that parents need to teach their children. They need to know that ‘sharing is caring’. They should learn to share the smallest things like their toys, eatables or other things with their friends and siblings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay