7 Things to be cleaned weekly during the pandemic

Certain things at home need to be cleaned on a weekly basis during the pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has taught people the importance of cleanliness. While we take care to clean a number of things during this phase, there are still certain things that we tend to ignore. Things like vegetables and any things that are brought from outside should be cleaned, washed or sanitized. Here we will be discussing about things that you need to clean on a weekly basis.

1. Trash cans – This is a breeding place for infections and bacteria that could accumulate and be the source for diseases. The trashcan full of garbage is equal to a can full of germs as well. You could be using a garbage bag on an everyday basis, but make sure that you clean the trashcan with a disinfectant and allow it to be dried in the sun for a while.

2. Keyboard and mouse – While you are working from home, it is important to clean your keyboard and mouse at least once in a week with a disinfectant and a micro-fibre cloth. These are the places that can accumulate a lot of bacteria.


3. Switches – Switches are used by different people in the house. They are touched a dozen of times and should be cleaned at least once in a week. Make use of a micro-fibre cloth and a gentle disinfectant.

4. Remote control – Remote control is an item that is used multiple times and can be a breeding place for bacteria and infections. You could use a damp cloth with some disinfectant to clean the remote.

5. Refrigerator – The refrigerator is the place you keep food. Make sure that you clean it weekly especially the fruit and vegetable drawer.

6. Microwave oven – Microwave can accumulate bacteria as the residue left after heating food is left like that for a longer time. You could clean it with hot water and vinegar.

7. Washing machine – The washing machine should be deep cleaned with a cleaning agent once in a week by running the hot water cycle.

Photo Credits: Pixabay