Know about the kind of shampoo best for your hair

Different hair kinds have different needs so it is essential to know what kind of shampoo your hair needs


It is good to hair a healthy and shiny hair. For that you also need to take good care of the hair by regular oiling and providing proper nutrition to it. Apart from the nutrition you also need to take care of selecting the right kind of shampoo. It is important to have a different shampoo for oily, dry, colored or frizzy hair. Here is a guide for using the right kind of shampoo for different types of hair.

1. Dry Hair – The weather is another factor that can make the hair even more dry and dull. For people with dry hair, pick up a shampoo that has oils in it. You could pick up shampoos that contain argan, chamomile or coconut oil as they help to nourish the hair and also lock the moisture leaving it shiny and lustrous. The contents of the shampoo will help to strengthen the hair from the roots to tips.

2. Oily hair – Oily hair is a common problem during the summer season. The oil glands on the scalp secrete too much of oil than required and leads to oily hair and scalp. As per the hair experts, oily hair should be washed every alternate day. This will make the oil glands to rest and will secret less oil. But frequent washes can damage the hair. So it is recommended to use a mild shampoo and not the regular ones that have harsh chemicals.

3. Colored hair – Colored hair needs special attention. Regular shampoos will fade off the color than expected while colored hair specific shampoos will protect the pigment of the hair color.

4. Dry and itchy scalp – Itchy scalp could be due to dandruff. Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo that has anti-fungal properties. Also make sure that they have ingredients like tea tree oil, coal tar or zinc pyrithione. But avoid products that have SLS (sodium laurl suplhate) and buy products which are paraben free.

Photo Credits: Pixabay