6 Cancer causing foods that should be avoided

There are a number of foods that are not good for health and can also lead to cancer


Lifestyle has changed and the pandemic has turned tables completely. While people across the globe are leading a stressful life, the coronavirus pandemic has taken things to a new level. The stress forces people to indulge in some of the things like tobacco, alcohol and cigarettes. But not many are aware that consumption of such items could lead to cancer and a number of other health related issues. Here are a few food items that could cause cancer.

1. French fries – Potato or French fries are fried at a high temperature that could develop the chemical known as acrylamide that increases the chances of increasing the cancerous cells. The food item also contains a lot of salt and contains unhealthy fats.

2. Aerated drinks – These aerated drinks contain a lot of sugar that promote the chances of cancerous cells. They also contain artificial chemicals and coloring that add to the risk of diseases.

3. Canned food – Canned food very predictably contain preservatives that are essential to keep the food stored for a longer time. The preservatives often contain BPA that interfere with the functioning of the hormones and is linked to cancer. The chemical can get transferred in to the canned food and could make it dangerous for consumption.

4. Processed flour – Processed or white flour is processed with chlorine gas that makes it appear white. This can increase the risk of developing cancer cells. Refined flour also increases the glucose levels in the blood and disturbs the insulin levels.

5. Red meat – Red meat or processed meat contain a lot of salt which is smoked and fermented and undergone a lot of process to enhance the flavor. It helps to improve the shelf life, but also increases the risk of developing cancer cells.

6. Processed food – Some of the processed foods like instant noodles, bakery products, tetra pack juices and other junk food contain high glycemic index that can be bad for the health and should be avoided.

Photo Credits: Pixabay