7 Everyday items that you have been using the wrong way

Many people tend to use some of the simple everyday products the wrong way


It is no rockets science while you are using a few simple items that are used on an everyday basis. But still many times we tend to miss out a few simple details and end up using the items the wrong way. Here we will be discussing about a few things that we use on an everyday basis, the wrong way.

1. Food storage containers – Some of the food storage containers are microwave safe. But not many are aware that the rectangular containers have the edges that leave certain portions of the food overcooked. But the round containers help to allow the heart to be spread uniformly.

2. Blenders – The items in the blenders should be placed strategically to make the blending process smooth. Place the liquid items at the bottom and the bigger pieces at the top. It helps t speed up the process.

3. Toaster – Different types of bread require different heating temperatures. For instance the sweet and white breads heat quickly while the heavier ones take a longer time.

4. A slow cooker – Opening the slow cooker releases all the heat accumulated inside the appliance and affects the cooking process. You need to resist yourself to stay away from opening the lid repeatedly and allow it to take its time.

5. Ketchup bottles – Many people often struggle with the ketchup bottles as it does not come out easily. A few taps on the neck portion of the bottle eases the process without creating a mess.

6. Beauty blenders – Applying foundation with a blender instead of fingers makes a difference. They are spongy for a reason and need to be wet before you touch the foundation. THi9s prevents the make-up from being soaked and helps to blend smoothly.

7. Brushes and combs – People often begin to comb from the head. But the actual trick is to begin from the bottom of the hair so you avoid making the knots and tangles worse.

Photo Credits: Pixabay