5 Common mistakes first time pregnant moms make

First time pregnant moms want things to be perfect but it does not always work in that way

pregnant moms

It is always an exciting phase for first time mothers who are expecting their baby. There are a number of thoughts that go through their mind and it is all due to the nesting syndrome which is natural. They want everything to remain perfect from the clothes, nursery, baby food, supplements, baby products and even your relation with the baby. But sadly it does not work that way. Here we will be discussing about a few mistakes that first time pregnant moms tend to make and should be avoided.

1. Thinking too much about the nursery – It is natural to think about that the baby would need and how you need to make it a perfect place. But there are other more important things that the mother has to focus on. Preparing for the labor, delivery, post-partum recovery are other more important things that you need to focus on.

2. Not having baby formula at home – Yes you want to exclusively breast feed your baby and not give any baby formula. But Sometimes it takes nearly 5 days for the mother to lactate properly after delivery. So the baby cannot be hungry these 5 days and needs to be fed baby formula.

3. Buying too many diapers – Yes you are worried about the baby’s needs but you could end up having excess of such things. It is OK if you run out of baby stuff, pregnancy and motherhood is a time when people are always there to help and run when needed.

4. Not working out – Unless your doctor has advised not to workout, you need to workout regularly for a healthy pregnancy. Do not make your pregnancy as an excuse not to work out.

5. Trying to be perfect – You can never be perfect, but it is natural to try making things perfect during the phase. There are a number of books and researches, but you also need to relax and enjoy the phase and follow your instinct.

Photo Credits: Pixabay