6 Traits that reveal a lot about your personality

There are a number of traits and everyday habits that can reveal a lot about your personality


A number of people often worry about the impression that people could have about us. We often expect that we should put our best foot forward. But there are a number of things that gives an idea about our true personality. These are small yet very significant things that tend to reveal a lot about who we are inside. Here are a few very subtle things that can reveal about our true character.

1. Eating habits – Food related behaviors narrate a lot of a person’s personality. People who eat slowly tend to have a sense of control and are also more appreciative about small things. On the other hand the fast eaters tend to be ambitious and also goal-oriented.

2. Handshake – The grip of your handshake can convey a lot about your personality. Factors like the grip, dryness, temperature, strength, duration, texture and vigor that speak a lot about the personality. For instance, a loose grip indicates that the person could be shy or even neurotic.

3. Nail biting habit –There are many people who tend to bite their nails or pick their skin. A study has revealed that people who bite their nails, pull their hair or pick their skin tend to be perfectionists.

4. Punctuality – Being punctual tends to show the character of the person. For instance, people who tend to be late are believed to be irresponsible. But another study has shown that people who are chronically late tend to remain focused. They find it hard to meet the deadlines as they have a habit of leaving the homes only after everything is in order.

5. Your handwriting – As per a professional psychologist, people who write large letters are more people oriented than people who write small letters. Small letters often indicate that they are introverts.

6. How you treat a waiter – Many people tend to mistreat waiters at the restaurants. Not many people like to be around people who are rude with the waiters.

Photo Credits: Pixabay