Unique and hidden Car features that not many are aware of

Hidden car features often go unnoticed but are of help under a number of circumstances


Gone are the days when cars had a few features that were explained by the executive available at the car showroom. The technology improvement has gone to a level that even the company executives themselves are not aware of a number of the features that they sell everyday. In fact even after the vehicle is owned by the customer, a number of features remain unknown. Here we will be discussing about a few unknown and hidden features that mostly go unnoticed.

1. Fuel tank locator – Majority of the cars have a small arrow next to the fuel level gauge which is triangular in shape and points to the direction where the fuel tank opening is located. So next time you go to the gas station, park the vehicle after taking a cue from the arrow.

2. Road condition indicator – Most of the new cars have temperature indicators that give an idea about the outside weather. These are temperature sensors that in most of the cases activate the road temperature warning as the temperature drops. It is often indicated by a snowflake light on the dashboard and sometimes it gives an audible warning when the roads become icy.

3. Driver assistance systems– Such features also come in a majority of the new cars. These features provide a guide and assistance when you are parking or taking a reverse. The sensors and the camera provides a guide as to what is there at the back and beeps, if you are about to bang another vehicle or a wall.

4. Drowsiness detector – Cars these days can come installed with systems that can determine if the driver is too tired. These systems monitor the steering inputs and compare those inputs with the steering motions. If the system detects tiredness, then it would set out an alert.

5. Adaptive cruise control – The traditional cruise control was great for a drive on a highway. But the new adaptive cruise control scans the road ahead to adjust the speed and also takes a cue of the car ahead.

Photo Credits: Pixabay