Things you need to keep in mind in terms of home maintenance

Home maintenance is an important factor and there are certain things that you need to take extra care

home maintenance

Apart from cooking and cleaning, there are a number of things that go inside a house. There are a number of appliances and gadgets that you use on an everyday basis, who might also need your timely attention. Many people tend to take it for granted that certain things in home maintenance take care of themselves. Here are a few things that are often ignored at home and also need to be taken care of.

1. Turning off air conditioner does not save energy – it is true that air conditioners consume a lot of energy and need to be turned off when you are not at home. The fact is that turning off and turning on the air conditioner consumed a lot of energy than you even think. If you are going away for a short period of time, adjust the thermostat to a little warmer.

2. The drainage needs to be cleaned regularly – The drainage has to be cleaned in every season. If they get blocked, it can direct the water to the home and risk damage to the interiors.

3. Test your smoke alarm twice a year – The test button is not the best way to test your smoke alarm. To test its efficiency, place a newly burned out match under the device and the smoke should cause the alarm to sound.

4. Test your carpet for moisture – If the surface of the carpet feels dry that does not mean that it is completely dry after a water incident. Sometimes the water can clog in to the subfloor and could lead to mold on the wooden floor.

5. Add chemicals to the swimming pool at the right time – Make sure that you add the chemicals to the water after the sun sets. The UV Rays of the sun can reduce the effectiveness of some of the chemicals like chlorine.

6. Wash your dishwasher – Your dishwasher might clean itself, but even then make sure that you remove any debris from the tub and filter and make sure that it drains properly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay