Old home remedies which are forgotten but still work

Some of the old home remedies have been replaced with expensive gadgets or chemicals

home remedies

Cleaning is a critical part of any household and needs to be done on a regular basis. Now days there are a number of innovative products and modern appliances that have made things easier. But there are still some older cleaning tips that continue to remain effective but have been forgotten. Here we will be discussing about a few home remedies that work even today.

1. Mint leaves – Summer is a time when the heat can make the garbage very smelly and unpleasant. You just need a fresh sprig of a mint plant and put it in the garbage everyday. It helps to keep the unpleasant smell away and can be done for the entire season.

2. Natural humidifier – People who have a wooden burning stove can make their own natural humidifier. You just need an old coffee can and fill it with two-thirds of water. Add a few cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange peel in it and place it on the stove. It leaves the room with a pleasant smell and also gives moisture.

3. Dusty stainless steel ware – You can make your stainless steel ware look like new. You just need to place the flatware in a pan and fill it with carbonated water. Let it sit until the fizz has frizzled and it will shine like new.

4. Cleaning walls – When the kid’s art work goes beyond their books and paper, it goes on the walls. Rubbing alcohol easily removes the stains. It also works on clothing, woodwork and wallpaper.

5. Removing gum from hair – There could be incidences when you might end up with gum on your fingers or hair. You just need some creamy peanut butter apply on the area and wait for a few minutes. The gum will come off easily.

6. Grease free grill – Cleaning the grill from grease can be tricky. You just have to lay the grill rack on the lawn and leave it overnight. The grass has dew and when it combines with the enzymes on the grass the grease loosens and can be brushed off easily.

Photo Credits: Pixabay