Remote working by employees gets extended and worries employers

Employers are now worried about the extended period of the employees who are working from home


A number of companies across the globe had planned to have a return-to-office date by the month of October, 2021. But due to the fear of the latest Delta variant of the coronavirus, the return dates are being postponed yet again. With the delay of the return of the employees to the office, the employers are developing insecurities about the longer stay of the executives staying at home. They opine that it would become harder for them to bring them back to their cubicles and cabins.

A number of employees have got used to a new routine during the pandemic as they have made use of the commuting time for exercise or other work that they could otherwise not have done during the pre-pandemic time. There was a time when employees were complaining about the inconvenience of working from home but now even they have got used to the work-from-home life as they have been doing it for nearly 18 months now. Even some of the surveys have said that the employees have become more enthusiastic with remote work as the pandemic has stretched.

The situation is not the same for all the companies. There are also firms who have benefited because of the work-from-home trend. Chief Executive officer Pat Gelsinger, from Intel Corp has predicted that the trend of remote work is expected to continue for months or even years to come. The return dates for the employees is being postponed repeatedly. Apple Inc was earlier planning to bring back their employees to the offices in the month of October, but now that has been delayed till at least January 2022.

Another concern for the employers during this tenure is that their employees are being lured by other recruiters elsewhere. When the employees remain at the office, they feel connected to their companies and the platform and are less likely to get distracted. But the fact remains that a number of companies can continue to function efficiently even with its workers working remotely.

Photo Credits: Pixabay