Things parents need to leach children that they don’t learn in school

There are a number of things that the school does not teach and parents need to take cue


Many parents take it for granted that when their children go to school they are being taught about every aspect of life. But that is not true. Apart from the education that they receive in school there are still a number of aspects that children remain unaware of. Under such circumstances, parents need to take efforts and spend time with their children and make them learn about the various things that they do not learn in school. Here are a few things that parents should teach their children at home.

1. Cooking – it is important for children to know how to cook. While they are being taken care of by the parents at home, there could be a time when they will have to step out of their homes and take care of themselves. Under such circumstances, it would be great if they learn to cook especially at times when fast food has become cheap and it is important for people to remain healthy by cooking healthy food.

2. Give them more responsibility towards cleaning – Cleaning is an important factor in our every day lives. Even the youngest member in the house can have their own set of chores. It teaches them about the importance of responsibility and will also keep them busy and away from being too engaged in video games.

3. Teach them about basic laws – The school covers only some of the few laws. Parents can cover different aspects about different acts that could lead to different consequences. This will help them to make better choices in future.

4. Teach them to manage stress – Parents can teach children about meditation and stress management from a young age. Children these days have to undergo a lot of stress related to their studies and other factors.

5. Teach them about first aid and emergency response – Children should be given basic knowledge about first aid. If they are a little grown up they can also be taught about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Also teach them on where to contact in case of any emergency.

Photo Credits: Pixabay