Tips for new moms to ease motherhood

Motherhood is never easy for the new moms and a few tricks and tips would help them in the best possible way


The new mothers are overwhelmed with a tiny new member in the house who keeps her awake and deprives her of sleep and rest. Such circumstances for a new mom are not new, but could be dealt with if you are prepared and are aware of certain facts. Here we will be addressing a few issues of the new moms or the mothers who are ready to deliver their first child.

1. Keep the umbilical cord dry – The naval area should not be submerged in water till the cord stump falls down and the area is healed.

2. Remain hydrated – Do not stress about making more milk enough for your baby. The simple trick is by staying hydrated. It helps the mothers to make more milk.

3. Help the baby fall asleep on her own – During bedtime, you can feed the baby but do not try to put him/her to sleep immediately. Spend some time playing, reading a story or cuddling. You can put the baby to sleep when it is drowsy.

4. No fancy dresses yet – It is exciting to have a baby in the house and make it wear fancy dresses. But the baby comes from a womb and likes to remain in a curled position. Babies under 6 months would love to be comfortable so the onsies are the best. It makes their life easy for them and also for the mothers.

5. Best way to calm a baby – A quick and small swing is the best motion to calm a fussy baby. Make sure that the head and neck is well supported before you give them a gentle stroke.

6. Get some fresh air – Take the baby out in stroller with some diapers and wipes handy. It gives you some fresh air that helps to clear the mind of all the stress. That will also help you to lose the baby weight naturally.

Photo Credits: Pixabay