Things you should never do to your hair

Certain common habits can lead to severe damage to the hair and should be avoided

hair habits

Luscious and shiny hair is something that many women desire for. Many people believe that it is a tough job to maintain long tresses. But that is not actually the case. You need a few simple steps to take care of your hair and overdoing things could do more damage to it than good. Here are a few mistakes that you need to stop doing.

1. Avoiding a trim – You might be wanting to have long  and shiny tresses and avoiding a trim. But you are making a mistake as the edges could be damaged and need to be trimmed. The growth happens from the roots. Trimming makes it look healthier.

2. Trying out new coloring products – Coloring is something that can lead to severe damage and in certain cases it can also lead to skin problems. Coloring products can contain harmful chemicals that could lead to severe damage.

3. Using old and dirty brushes – Make sure that you wash your hair-brush every time you wash. It contains plenty of dead cells and dirt that has been deposited from your scalp after frequent usage. This can also be a dwelling place for growth of bacteria. This can be reintroduced to the scalp if the hair brush is not cleaned.

4. Mixing shampoo and conditioner – A shampoo and conditioner have different purpose. The shampoo cleans and cleanses the scalp, while the conditioner restores moisture and is only meant for the length.

5. Too much exposure to the sun – Too much of sun is not good. Discolored and dry tresses could be a result of the UV radiation from the sun.

6. Washing often – Typically, hair-wash should not be not more than twice a week. Frequent hair-washing can make the hair frizzy and deprive it of moisture.

7. Styling when wet – Wet-hair is when it can be the most vulnerable and can easily break. Using hot styling appliances on wet tresses is a very bad idea. It can make it brittle and frizzy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay