Common items to avoid buying for a clutter free house

There are some very common items that can lead to clutter at home and should be avoided


It is easy for a house to become vulnerable for clutter to be accumulated. There are certain things that can be counted in essentials and things which are counted as luxury that are things without which you can live and survive. Here are some of the very common items that you should avoid buying to have a clutter free home.

1. Novelty items – These can include serving platters or even door mats in seasonal styles. Some of the other common items include fancy serving spoons, fancy tea sets and even drinking glasses. These items are not used on an everyday basis and use up valuable storage space.

2. Kitchen gadgets – There are certain fancy kitchen gadgets that do not make any sense but occupy a lot of storage space while they are hardly used. These gadgets include egg peeler, garlic press, banana slicer, pasta measurer, strawberry huller, popcorn machine, avocado slicer and other similar gadgets which make no sense and could be easily done manually.

3. Seasonal décor – Seasonal décor can be reused but it makes no sense to buy new ones every year.

4. Fancy cookware – Some of the fancy cookware include cookie cutters, baking set that includes a rolling pin, oil brush, cake molds and other items which are only used once in a while and the rest of the time they occupy valuable storage space.

5. Organizing solutions – These are the fancy looking bins and baskets that claim to make you more organized. But that is not true and they actually use up space. Focus on cutting down on the clutter in the house that will makes things easier.

6. Products advertised on TV– These are nothing but commercial ways of luring the customers while focusing on their needs. For instance, a fancy shampoo will be advertised that would claimed to stop the problem of hair fall but such products are overpriced and provide little relief from the problem.

Photo Credits: Pixabay