Hundreds protest Michigan against vaccine mandates

Vaccine mandates have been opposed by people who opine that they have the right to have the choice

vaccine hesitancy

The coronavirus vaccine has been rolled out across the globe since nearly six to seven months. However, there is still a community of people who prefer to be away from vaccinations and have their own opinions about the shots. Now that the companies across the globe are getting back to normal, many have announced that they will be allowing employees in the office who are fully vaccinated. While some agreed, but some disagreed with the thought. The Michigan State Capitol faced hundreds of protestors outside the venue. People were seen protesting against the government while criticizing the new policy.

Ron Armstrong, is the president for Stand Up Michigan and one of the organizers of the rally. He said that they were there to fight for the individuals’ rights in the employment area, students’ area in the schools and the Universities or everywhere else where the vaccine has been made mandatory. As per the data by the state department, 59 percent of the population over the age of 12 has received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The state of Michigan has reported 910,500 confirmed cases and 19,950 deaths.

The Universities of Wayne State University, Michigan State University and University of Michigan have been imposed with the mandatory vaccine policy. There are also hospital systems including Spectrum Health, Beaumont Health, Ascension Health, Henry Ford Health System and Trinity Health who have also imposed the mandate.

It has been clarified by the U.S.Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. It has also been said that the vaccine helps to prevent the severity of the disease. The problem of trusting the vaccines is global and the emergency authorization has left many people worried about its actual effectiveness. Governments across the globe are running campaigns to bring awareness among people to get their shots as it would be a big step towards bringing down the pandemic.

Photo Credits: Pixabay