United Airlines to allow all passengers to pre-order food online before flights

Passengers of the United Airlines will be able to order food and beverages online up to five days before the scheduled flights

united airlines

The United Airlines is constantly making efforts to add new facilities for its passengers. The airline continues to struggle with bringing back the passengers to flights as the in-flow has still not reached the pre-pandemic levels. United Airline has announced that will be providing all its passengers options to pre-order snacks, food and beverages online. The passengers can pre-order up to five days before the scheduled flight.

The orders can be placed on the official website of the airline or through the mobile app. The airline has claimed that it is the only airline that is offering its economy passengers the option to pre-order food and drinks. Earlier only the premium passengers and certain eligible flights could pre-order food. To begin with the passengers on the flights from Chicago to Honolulu, San Diego, Orange County, CA and Sacramento, CA will be able to pre-order food and beverages. But it has assured that by early fall, the airline would be extending the provision for the passengers of the flights more than 1,500 miles.

Till now the airline has been adding different amenities and eliminating nuisance fees to attract the passengers back to the flights. Recently United also added the Bluetooth option for in-flight entertainment that has increased the convenience and experience of the passengers on board. The airline will be billing the food and drink preorders as a way to improve service. This will allow the flight attendants to move through the cabins faster and will also be able to deliver a personalized service to the passengers.

The pre-orders will be contactless for the safety of the passengers and the flight attendants. However, the customers who do not pre-order their food will be able to continue to do so during the flight. In such cases, the United Airlines is urging customers to load their credit cards to their digital wallets to enable contactless payments while they are on board.

Photo Credits: Pixabay