Habits that babies can inherit from their mothers

Babies have a tendency of observing their mothers and tend to develop their habits

mother and child

It is known that babies tend to inherit the characters and traits from their parents through their genes. Mothers can have an amazing impact on the habits of the babies due to the fact that the mothers spend majority of the time with their babies. Right from being in the womb, to taking care during childhood mother is with them all the time. Apart from their looks and physical features, there could be a few habits that children could pick up from their mothers.

1. Wake-up time – Babies could have a habit of waking up with their mothers. Somehow they get the hint that their mother is up so there could be a chance that they could become early birds unless you insist them to sleep more. This habit could also be picked up when the baby is in the womb.

2. Being organized – The baby starts observing their mother right from the beginning. If the mother has a habit of picking up things every time they are scattered, then they could also end up with that habit as they see that every day. It develops as an instinct.

3. Communication – A mother needs to be careful about what ton talk in front of their children. They need to be careful about their speech. The way you greet people, talk to people and communicate with them will become their way of communication as well.

4. Table manners -A number of mothers complain about their child being a fussy eater. But have you ever observed yourself as a mother and what kind of eating schedule have you maintained? When you follow discipline, then they inherit that automatically while observing you every day.

5. Punctuality – This is one of the most common problems. Mothers who expect their children to be punctual, should be punctual themselves. Before you begin a punctual routine for them, mothers should inculcate the habit themselves first.

Photo Credits: Pixabay