Dental conditions that can be caused due to poor to tongue hygiene

With dental hygiene it is also important to maintain tongue hygiene

Tongue hygiene

Apart from your teeth, it is also important to maintain the hygiene of your tongue. Poor hygiene of the tongue can lead to a number of dental problems as well. The tongue is a very small part of the body but has close connections with the enamel of the teeth. If ignored, it can lead to dental abnormalities, sores, lumps and even alterations in texture and colour. Here are a few defects of the enamel that could be caused due to poor tongue hygiene.

1. Oral Candidosis – This is also known as oral thrush in which the tongue seems white in color or has some white spots on it. It is a yeast infection inside the mouth and can cause yellow bumps in the inner cheek or tongue. Usually, the infection is mild and there are very rare incidences when the condition has led to some serious problems. These could be common in infants, people who wear partial or full dentures, or in people who are diabetic. Some people also experience loss of taste, sores that burn and cracked skin at the corners of the mouth.

2. Leukoplakia – This is a condition that shows white patches in the mouth and the tongue as the cells grow unreasonably. It could be caused mostly due to an irritable tongue. One has to be careful as Leukoplakia could also be a sign of cancer. However, majority of the Leukoplakia patches are not cancerous. But some can show the primary signs of the disease. It is advisable to talk to a dentist if you experience similar issues.

3. Canker sores – These are mouth ulcers that develop on the tongue. The sores in the mouth are of three types – minor, major and Herpetiform. The minor ones can heal within a month while some of them that are bigger can take about two weeks to heal with scaring.

4. Oral Lichen planus – These are like visible white lines that develop on the tongue and is an inflammatory condition that affects the mucous membranes in the mouth. They can be red and inflamed and can lead to burning, pain or uneasiness.

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