Ways to deal with online social media fatigue

Social media fatigue is something that needs to be addressed and controlled

social media fatigue

While social media has a number of perks, it also comes with a number of drawbacks. It is an excellent way for communication with the world and expressing your thoughts but too much of it can start affecting the mental health and lead to social media fatigue. The pandemic has brought out the best side of the social media, but has also affected people who have indulged in it too much. More people continue to remain at home and the one thing that is easy to access to kill time is the smartphone with a number of social media platforms. This affects the mental health and there are also people who find it tough to come out of it. Here are a few ways you can deal with the social media fatigue with ease.

1. Monitor your time spent – Make sure that you start monitoring the time that you spend on social media. This will make you realize how it is wasting your time and making you inefficient.

2. Have a face-to-face talk – The pandemic is a time when online conversations became common but as far as possible you can avoid your devices and have a face-to-face conversation in the right way. If you and your associates/friends are well and healthy, you can meet personally, while maintaining social distancing and following all the other essential measures.

3. Replace your screen time with meditation – Now this could be more difficult to do than said. But this is the best opportunity to make use of your spare time. Whenever you are urged to take your phone and begin scrolling, you can instead force yourself to meditate in silence.

4. Look for non-screen activities – There were times when there were no smartphones and there were a number of activities to do. The situation is the same but the smartphones have started to dominate. Take a walk, go for a swim, exercise, play board games, or just enjoy a cycle ride where the nature is at its best.

Photo Credits: Pixabay