Ways to deal with online shopping addiction during pandemic

Online shopping addiction is a problem that not many admit but there are ways to deal with it

online shopping

Online shopping is not a new trend but has made a big impact during the coronavirus pandemic. The service is convenient and brings home things that will have to otherwise step outside. During the pandemic a number of people spend majority of the time at home and are also spending more time on their mobile phones. Due to this a number of people have easy access to the online retailers and they have the urge to spend more than they actually need. But there are ways to deal with it.

1. Identify your addiction and deal with acceptance – You need to first identify your problem by analyzing your situation. Such a behavior can impact a number of things in your life like you might not be able to pay your basic bills and rent.

2. Identify the emotion when you are triggered to do so – A number of people indulge in online shopping when they are angry or upset with something. Address the concern first and avoid switching to the online sites at such times.

3. Create a budget – It is important to create a budget for the month and you also need to stick to it. The budget serves as a reminder that you cannot step out of the zone where things might get difficult for you to deal with.

4. Keep the apps out of your phone – Although it could sound sily, but not having the apps on the phone will create inconvenience for you to access those sites especially when you come across an online advertisement that redirects to the actual app. Not having the app at all will prevent you from spending more money.

5. Ask for therapy – Even if you are not able to deal with things on your own, then you can ask for help from a therapist who might have better ideas to deal with it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay