World Social Media Day – How social media helped people in a positive way

Social media played an important role during the coronavirus pandemic in a number of ways

social media

June 30 is observed as the World Social Media Day. The social media has become a part of a number of lives. It has its own pros and cons. The coronavirus pandemic is a time when the social media played a major role of bringing people together amidst social distancing measures. It allowed people to express their views but some people abused its convenience by conveying misinformation. To mark its significance, we will be looking in to how the social media managed to save a number of lives during the pandemic.

1. Connected people online – While people have not been able to socialize and meet each other physically, the social media brought people together virtually and saved them from being deprived of company. A number of people who might have been isolated as a measure, celebrated birthdays with family despite being apart.

2. Helped businesses – A number of businesses faced a downfall due to the pandemic, but the social media brought hope for people by pulling their businesses online. People could sell anything from clothes to food with just a single tap. The lockdown saw a number of people set up their business online.

3. People were able to save lives – The COVID-19 pandemic saw a lot of crisis with scarcity of oxygen and hospital beds as the health system was overwhelmed. The social media helped connect such vulnerable people with those who could help.

4. Couples could reconnect – Couples and families who were separated due to the lockdown restrictions could reconnect with their loved ones through social media. Online calls, video calls and video conferences brought not just individuals but the entire family together. A number of people also had a virtual celebration for different occasions like birthdays and even weddings.

5. Spread awareness – It has also played an important role of making people aware of certain things like taking a vaccine. While a number of people were skeptical about taking one, the platform helped to spread the right information.

Photo Credits: Pixabay